..all about having fun - the naughtier the better, but with enough class to stay just to the nice side of the nasty line. This is a jazzy collection of swinging anthems encouraging ladies to cut loose; they’d work just as well in a hip cabaret as they would at a spring break kegger.
— Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News
X-Rated Musical” is a collection of flirty jazz that will leave you wanting more. Trust me, you can’t bring her home with you, at least not to keep — but her CD will come to stay.

— Tom Knapp,
Hot and sultry vocals against a bossa nova and jazz background tell the age old story about lust and love and sex and everything between. Sensuous lyrics that are told with breathy and wispy vocals will titillate your inner sensuality. Soulful jazz blues that are fit for lounges or hipster living rooms. And despite the title this isn’t a vulgar album whatsoever—unless you’re too much of a prude to a beautiful lady in her underwear. I like the Tahitian influences that popped up on a couple of the tracks.
— J. Sin,
A smart songwriter and a vivacious vocalist. It’s time to join the Larkin McLean cult.
— Paul Freeman,
A talented chanteuse.
— KM,
Sure the cover art will stop any red blooded man in his tracks but the music under the cover is equally red hot. An arresting spin from start to finish.
— Robert Silverstein,
If You’re A Wild Girl Say Aye” by Larkin McLean treats you to a voice that’s incredible. Like a runaway train. I go crazy every time I play it. Check it out. You’ll feel the same.
— John Shelton Ivany,
Larkin’s voice is ever present to cajole, inflame and inspire desire.
— Mike Brannon,
Larkin McLean is a daring pop blues singer with lots of energy.
— D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Jazz Magazine
The entire album sounds like it arrived in a time-capsule meant to remind us of frothy singers like Eydie Gormé or Doris Day. Live musicians, spunky gal thrush out in front — all that’s missing is an old-school variety show for McLean to appear on! Dean Martin, where have ye gone??
— David Weiss,
Larkin McLean sounds as she was just pulled from the set of Chicago. Yet, to label her as a lounge lizard would be shameful. Her raspy, sweet voice is easy to listen to, while her lyrics are a surprise.
— Lauren Rabadi,
Larkin McLean has produced a sparkler of a debut album, X-rated Musical. McLean has written a batch of songs that speak of love, lust, relationships and flat out sex in a provacative, no nonsense language that is a refreshing change from the dumbed down sex talk gumming up the pop charts these days. Larkin McLean’s talent is fully realized on X-rated Musical and I only hope there’s more where this came from.
— Gina Morris,
I think it’s possible that this CD may be a bit like a Buster Keaton silent film. Funny, engaging, fast paced and oh so very well constructed.
— Brian Arsenault, International Review of Music
There is a definite theatrical aspect to this music. I feel like it is something I want to see performed live in a dark club with a martini in front of me. The songs range from peppy silly to sevy and sultry, but all in the same style. McLean’s voice is perfect for this genre. It’s lovely.

— Amy Lotsberg,
Larkin’s voice is very pleasant and full of whimsy.
— Jay Matsueda, Metro L.A.

Gram: Cool jazz-heavy album that ably creates the feel of a Los Angeles summertime affair.
Chris: A Crayon-rubbing of good lounge jazz. Cartoon torch songs describing its own self.
Bernie: A 1960's James Bond jazzy stroll.
Pete: Not much I like better than sexy, half-naked, smoky-voiced beauties - even with the jazz.