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Frenzied Dancing

I had changed out of my jeans and into some yoga pants.   I did things around the house for about five minutes. Suddenly, I felt this thing that felt like a baby’s sticky hand underneath my yoga pants just above my knee. My quick intuition told me that if I tried to kill the mysterious thing in my pants that it could bite me back and kill me.

I pulled the pant leg away from my knee and shook the thing out.  I couldn’t see what it was because I was in a dim room.  I yelled, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” and then screamed.  It turned out to be a baby tarantula.

Since then my life has been filled with paranoia every day.  I constantly think that there is something crawling on me.  I can be fast asleep then suddenly jump out of bed because I thought I felt something in bed with me.  I can be outside and suddenly feel the need to take off my shirt because it feels like there is a spider crawling up my back.

Will I ever overcome my fear of the creepy crawlies?  Probably not.  The other day I found a mouse & her babies in my sock drawer & I came face to face with a snake outside my front door.